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New Hire Buddy Program

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Enhance new hire onboarding with a supportive buddy program

This template helps HR managers and team leads to automate the process of assigning a buddy to new hires. The buddy program aids new employees in acclimating to the company culture, offers guidance, and answers questions. This template ensures that new hires are paired with a suitable buddy, and both parties are informed about the arrangement, making the onboarding experience more engaging and supportive.

Template Workflow:

1. Action: Input Form
Collect new hire's contact information (e.g., email, phone number), start date, and role. Gather information about their interests, preferences, and any other relevant details to help match them with a suitable buddy.

2. Action: Input Form (for Manager)
Send an input form to the manager with a list of available buddies in the company. The manager selects the most suitable buddy based on the new hire's role and preferences.

3. Action: Send Email to Buddy
Send an email to the chosen buddy, informing them about their new buddy assignment and providing the new hire's contact information.
Subject: Buddy Assignment: Welcoming {{new_hire_name}} to {{Company}}
Message: Hi {{buddy_name}}, we have a new hire, {{new_hire_name}}, joining us on {{start_date}}. Based on their role and interests, we believe you would be a great buddy for them. Your role as a buddy will be to help {{new_hire_name}} settle in, answer any questions, and introduce them to our company culture. Please reach out to {{new_hire_name}} at {{new_hire_email}} to welcome them and start the buddy program. Thank you for your support!

4. Action: Send Email to New Hire
Send an email to the new hire, introducing their buddy and providing the buddy's contact information.
Subject: Welcome to {{Company}}, {{new_hire_name}}! Meet Your Buddy, {{buddy_name}}!
Message: Hi {{new_hire_name}}, we are excited to have you join us at {{Company}} on {{start_date}}! To help you settle in, we have assigned you a buddy - {{buddy_name}}. {{buddy_name}} is an experienced member of our team who will be available to answer your questions, offer guidance, and introduce you to our company culture. You can reach {{buddy_name}} at {{buddy_email}}. Don't hesitate to reach out to your buddy or HR manager if you have any questions. Welcome aboard!

For more information, see our blog about the importance of a new hire buddy program:

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