Referral Reward System
Applicant Tracking
Effortless Collaboration
Optimize Recruiting Process

Career website that fits your brand

A beautiful site that’s easy to manage and create job posts in real time. Designed to make your site more engaging and unique for prospects. Our team will help you capture the website, videos, and photography showcasing a holistic view of your company spirit that fits your brand.

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Modern recruiting system with all the features you need

Imagine if building a job post, managing applicants and getting team members to collaborate was as easy as a social media post.

50skills has all you need to boost your recruiting efforts. Create a stunning career-page for your business. Incentivise your employees to source candidates and make data-driven decisions on the best hire.

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Features Included
Track and Manage your candidates
Unique Employee Referral Program
Integrated with Slack and Facebook for Work
Collaborate with co-workers
Difficult to manage and complicated

Reimagined recruiting process

With 21st century social-networks, recruiting is changing faster than ever before. When you need to hire, post a job, select a reward and watch as our system transforms your employees and people within their network turn into front-line recruiters.

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Turn your employees into forefront recruiters!

Some of your best future job prospects are in your current co-worker networks. The system is designed to make the hiring process a team collaborating with an incentive for employees that find the right candidates for the job. Prospects sourced and referred by your current employees have a much higher chance of staying with the company long term and having a cultural fit

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