Workflow Wednesdays

A weekly session column about building automated journeys with workflows, driving growth, and accelerating your career.
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Unlocking Efficiency in Survey Processes with Lists and Journeys
In the realm of data collection, the quest for efficiency and accuracy is never-ending. Surveys, an essential tool for gathering insights, often become cumbersome due to repetitive tasks and data mana
Simplify Your Workflows with Journeys: A Beginner's Guide
Welcome to the world of automation, where efficiency meets simplicity. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the complexities of managing tasks at work, you're not alone. That's why we're excited to intr
Innovative Process Integration: How 50skills Journeys Enhances Asana for Smarter Workflow Automation
In today's evolving workplace, managing a remote workforce efficiently and effectively is a challenge many organizations face. This is where 50skills Journeys comes in, especially with its innovative
How to use ChatGPT to build Journeys
Try our Journey Builder GPT today in the OpenAI GPT store
How to setup a new hire onboarding journey using a no-code interface
In this episode of Workflow Wednesday, we walk you through the onboarding process at 50skills. Learn how we smoothly integrate new hires into our team with a no-code interface.
How to automate changes in employment rate
In this Workflow Wednesday video we showcase how Journeys could be used to automate changes in employee ratio (e.g. someone moving from 100% position to 50%), for whatever reason.
Mastering the Whamageddon Challenge: A Journey to Avoid "Last Christmas" | Workflow Wednesday
Ever wondered how you can build a Whamageddon challenge? In this blog and video we cover the process in 4 simple action steps.
How to Automate Employee Christmas Gift Exchange
Join us in this Workflow Wednesday episode as we simplify the holiday season with an automated gift preference collection journey.
How to Build a New Hire Buddy Program
A structured New Hire Buddy Programs is a key component of employee onboarding that can enhance productivity, and new hire experience by a significant margin.
How to Create an Offboarding Journey for Departing Employees
Weather you like it or not, at some point people are going to leave your organisation.
How to Master an Event Experience: From Ticket Purchase to Post-Show Survey
In this Workflow Wednesday episode, we cover a comprehensive event journey setup that keeps your attendees engaged at each touchpoint.
How to automate creating docs from calculators online
In this edition of Workflow Wednesday, we delve into a simplified yet powerful method of automating document generation using Journeys.
Streamline Your Hiring Approval Process with 50skills Journeys | Workflow Wednesday
Welcome to an episode of Wednesday Workflows! Today, Kristjan, our co-founder & CEO demonstrates how you can efficiently build a hiring approval process within 50skills Journeys in just a few minutes
How to Automate sending training Videos for Learning | Workflow Wednesday
In this episode of Workflow Wednesday, we walk through the process of building a structured training video journey, enhancing the learning experience for individuals on your team.