Modern HR managers use 50skills to coordinate the employee offboarding process while simplifying the administrative work necessary for employee exits and terminations.

Ease the transition of employees exiting their roles, with a stream-lined process, unified interface and automations where they make sense for all parties.

Employee leaving checklists

Tasks, communication, forms, paperwork, equipment and access. All in one place. Easy to re-use and update.

Transform checklists into actions.

If this happens, then that should happen.

Begin setting up actions: who receives notifications, what information they get, and what tasks they perform.

Your checklist has now been transformed into an employee journey with automated actions, saving you and your people valuable time every time they occur.

Collect information with form actions

Map up what information you need for every step of the employee offboarding journey. Configure when they are sent so they get sent to the right person at the right time.

Close access to existing solutions

Archive, delete or close access in existing solutions. Connects with what you already use or creates tasks for managers within your organisation with items they need to complete due to an individual leaving.

Employee Journey Builder


Map it out

Map an employee journey for onboarding, crossboarding, offboarding


Any employee journey can be created with a list of multiple actions connected together

Monitor progress

Test your journey, add people. Then learn what's working, iterate and improve

Frequently asked questions

Can you provide some examples of offboarding use cases for employee journeys that 50skills can address?