About us

50skills is revolutionising the way businesses engage, onboard, and develop their employees by providing innovative and user-friendly software solutions, ultimately contributing to increased employee satisfaction, productivity, and company growth.

We make two products, 50hire - an all-in-one hiring software and 50skills Journeys an employee journey builder for onboarding, crossboarding and offboarding.
Hey there,

I'm Kristjan Kristjansson, one of the co-founders here. I've been running 50skills -- the business that makes 50hire - since 2017.

We started 50skills because we believe the world is changing. Employers used to buy products and services that tried to solve everything, but were terrible at it. Now they buy different services for most verticals, that excel.

Also, in my previous job, our company grew fast, and I got a task to find and implement a hiring solution. I had a terrible time finding a product that was built to integrate with what we use, and provided an interface that was self explanatory.

We focused on building a simple solution with rich collaboration features, that would be easy to use for any manager. Instead of inventing every feature, we integrated with 3rd party providers that had already built world-class add-ons for those who wanted them.

Some of our early customers started asking us to add onboarding integrations. When they made a decision to hire someone, they wanted to make it easy to lookup information in their existing systems and to create new users in them with pre-defined values.

We realised that to best serve our customers we needed to separate our product offering into two seperate products. 50hire, which manages all parts of the process before a hiring decision is made -- and 50skills, which helps you with onboarding, crossboarding, offboarding and HR workflow automations in general.

Over the years, we have processed hundreds of thousands of applications and with the feedback we've received from our customers, along with our own ideas, we've made thousands of code improvements to our products. We look forward to continuing our journey and pushing forward our category in innovative ways.

Thanks for reading, and for giving 50skills a try. You can always contact me directly if you have any questions at kristjan@50skills.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristjan Kristjansson
Co-founder & CEO

Who we are

50skills was founded in 2017 with mission of transforming the way HR professionals manage and automate their workflows. Our innovative 50skills platform streamlines onboarding, crossboarding, and offboarding processes, making the employee experience seamless, engaging, and efficient.

We are also proud builders of another product, 50hire, which manages all parts of the recruiting process before a hiring decision is made.

Our headquarters are in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Why choose 50skills?

Simplify HR Workflows

Streamline onboarding, crossboarding, and offboarding effortlessly.


Make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.


Join HR professionals for industry-specific solutions and best practices.

Customizable to your needs

Customizable Automation: Tailor actions, action groups, and messages to fit your needs.

Seamless Integrations

Connect with world-leading and local tools easily.


Free up time to focus on tasks that truly matter in your organization.

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