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Streamlined New Hire Document Collection and Signatures

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Simplify document collection and signing for new hires

This template is designed to help HR managers and new employees easily manage the collection and signing of essential onboarding documents. It automates the process of sending personalized documents to new hires and integrates with e-signing tools to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. This template not only saves time for both HR managers and new employees, but also ensures compliance with legal requirements and company policies.

Template Workflow:

1. Action: Input Form
Collect new hire's contact information (e.g., email, phone number), and start date. Also, gather any additional information required for the documents, such as address, emergency contact, and tax information.

2. Action: Documents
Upload necessary onboarding documents, such as the employment contract, confidentiality agreement, and tax forms, with fields labeled using double curly braces (e.g., {{name}}, {{address}}, {{emergency_contact}}).

3. Action: Send Email
Send an email to the new hire, containing the personalized documents and instructions for signing.
Subject: Welcome to {{Company}}, {{name}}! Please review and sign the attached documents.
Message: Hi {{name}}, congratulations on joining {{Company}}! Please find the attached documents, which we have personalized using the information you provided. Carefully review each document and sign them electronically. If you have any questions, please reach out to your HR manager. Thank you!

4. Action: Integration with E-Signing Tool
Integrate with an e-signing tool (e.g., DocuSign, GetAccept, Taktikal, Signet) to collect electronic signatures on the documents.

5. Action: Wait for Signature
Wait for the new hire to sign all the documents before proceeding to the next action.

6. Action: Send Email
Send a confirmation email to the new hire and the HR manager once all documents are signed.
Subject: {{name}}, your documents have been successfully signed!
Message: Hi {{name}}, we have received your signed documents. Thank you for completing this step of the onboarding process! Your HR manager will be in touch with you soon to provide further information about your role and start date. Welcome aboard!

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