HR workflow automations for onboarding, crossboarding and offboarding

50skills is a platform that allows you to construct employee journeys with workflow automations for onboarding, crossboarding, offboarding and countless other scenarios. Utilise it to optimise your fundamental processes and automate redundant tasks without the need for coding or developer intervention.

Employee Journey Builder


Map it out

Map an employee journey for onboarding, crossboarding, offboarding


Any employee journey can be created with a list of multiple actions connected together

Monitor progress

Test your journey, add people. Then learn what's working, iterate and improve

Overview that is ten times better than any spreadsheet



Whenever a task is completed it automatically updates information in the view

Highly configureable

Set up the views you want and share it with various stakeholders

Team access controls

Configureable for the right type of access for the right type of person

A portal to ensure the perfect employee experience for employees

Simple, fast and intuative

All the things you need to know and to-do in one place. The way it should be

Unique view for each person

Each person gets their own unique view that updates as they finish their tasks

Notifications that work

Easy to configure notifications based on the importance and urgency of tasks


Integrations with your ATS, HRIS and other solutions that make onboarding, crossboarding and offboarding feel like a breeze

Employee Journey Builder


Every step of your workflow is controlled by different types of actions

Journey planner

When you connect one or more actions together, you are building a workflow for your journey


Build documents, fill them out with information you collect and send them to e-signing


Divide the flow of work into different paths based on conditions or criteria


Send triggers, lookup data or create users in solutions that you integrate 50skills with


Send messages with email, text and more with easy to use field-mapping options

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