How to build an employee journey

Build employee Journeys for onboarding, crossboarding, offboarding and other HR workflows.

Think of an internal process problem you would like to solve

How do you onboard, crossboard and offboard existing employees today in your organisation? Visualise the whole process or part of the process that you would like to improve.

Map up the tasks that need to get done on by one

Just write down the steps as you think this is roughly solved today.

Change tasks into actions. If this happens, then that should happen.

Start configuring what should happen after someone fills out a form. Who should get notified? What information should they receive and what task should they perform?

Creating employee experiences has never been this easy

Design the employee journey and see it unfold. Employees get access to a portal, that ensures they are kept up to date with tasks, learning, paperwork and receive the right experience at the right time.

Voilà: You just built an employee journey with workflow automations

With an overview that beets a spreadsheet x10, it's lightning fast, it's easy to share with the right stakeholders, and update and re-use for other use-cases if and when it makes sense

Marketplace full of integrations & services that you already use

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Employee Journey Builder


Every step of your workflow is controlled by different types of actions

Journey planner

When you connect one or more actions together, you are building a workflow for your journey


Build documents, fill them out with information you collect and send them to e-signing


Divide the flow of work into different paths based on conditions or criteria


Send triggers, lookup data or create users in solutions that you integrate 50skills with


Send messages with email, text and more with easy to use field-mapping options