Streamline Your Hiring Approval Process with 50skills Journeys | Workflow Wednesday

Kristjan Kristjansson
7:11 minute video

Welcome to an episode of Wednesday Workflows! Today, Kristjan, our co-founder & CEO demonstrates how you can efficiently build a hiring approval process within 50skills Journeys in just a few minutes.

This episode walks you through the steps of creating an automated workflow from the request to hire a new employee, to supervisor approval, and even accommodating further modifications if necessary.

Discover how 50skills' intuitive form builder and variable quoting system make it easy to collect and utilize data throughout the approval process. This simplified yet effective approach ensures that every step of the hiring process is well-communicated and organized.

Dive in to see how you can map out your hiring approval process, incorporate various approval layers, and effectively communicate decisions within your organization using 50skills Journeys. Don't forget to share your thoughts, build your own process, and let us know how 50skills is making a difference in your hiring workflow!