How to use ChatGPT to build Journeys

January 17, 2024
Kristjan Kristjansson

Every business is thinking how they can be more productive using AI.

But where to get started?

Some start with the 'as-is' status, list up every core process, brainstorm on improvements on how AI could help -- but then get stuck in the implementation. 'How to actually do it?

Others focus on rethinking the process as a whole, rebuilding them from scratch should be the focus now that AI capabilities are here.

In my experience, for most people, AI increases productivity when used as an amplifier. People are trying to solve a certain task, and AI can help. It can provide ideas, but it's still in a state where you typically need a senior person, who knows how a task should be completed, to review what the AI is suggesting, to be able to suggest iterations, and know when it is completely off track.

As an amplifier, i'm extremely excited about AI, and I think it can make a lot of things much better, quicker, with less resources required to solve it.

That's why we are happy to introduce the 'Journey Builder', our first GPT Agent in the ChatGPT store 🚀.

Anyone with a ChatGPT plus subscription can engage with our Journey Builder agent, and get support in building any Journey they can think of. In it's current state it can build suggestions of any type of Journey, and use the actual building blocks within our platform to do so.

You can also take pictures of any existing Journey you have, or building blocks within a journey (e.g. emails, messages, integrations, forms), and get suggestions on improvements.

We're constantly training it with new information, so we would love to receive your feedback when you start building your own journeys with it moving forward.