Mastering the Whamageddon Challenge: A Journey to Avoid "Last Christmas" | Workflow Wednesday

December 7, 2023
Kristjan Kristjansson
7 min video


The holiday season brings a unique opportunity for teams to bond, engage, and add a bit of festive cheer to their daily routines. At 50skills, we've taken this concept to a new level with the Whamageddon Challenge, an innovative and playful way to use our Journeys feature. This blog post will explore how we created this engaging holiday game, and how you can implement similar strategies to enhance team spirit and engagement.

The Whamageddon Challenge: An Overview

The Whamageddon Challenge is a delightful holiday game where participants try to avoid hearing the iconic Wham's song "Last Christmas" until Christmas Day. It's a test of awareness, luck, and a bit of strategy. The concept is simple yet captivating, and we used the Journeys feature of 50skills to bring this challenge to life in a corporate setting.

Building the Challenge

In our latest Workflow Wednesday episode, we guide you through the entire process of setting up the Whamageddon Challenge. From the initial participant sign-up through a dedicated URL to the management of the journey using various tools and integrations, the video provides a comprehensive tutorial.

Key Features of the Challenge Setup:

  • Participant Signup: Easy entry to the challenge through a URL, where participants provide basic information.
  • Journey Management: Utilizing Journeys to send forms, texts, and reminders to keep participants engaged and updated.
  • Integration with Airtable: Detailed tracking of when and how each participant hears the song, using Airtable for data management.
  • Slack Integration: Sharing fun updates and outcomes within the team through Slack.

Why It Matters

The Whamageddon Challenge isn't just about avoiding a festive tune; it's a creative way to demonstrate the flexibility and utility of the Journeys feature. It shows how a simple concept can be transformed into a team-building exercise, fostering a sense of community and fun in the workplace.

Lessons and Insights

Creating the Whamageddon Challenge provided us with valuable insights into team dynamics and the power of shared experiences. We learned that:

  • Engagement Increases with Fun: Integrating playful elements into work processes can significantly boost engagement and participation.
  • Simple Concepts, Big Impact: A straightforward idea, when executed well, can have a substantial impact on team morale and spirit.
  • Technology as an Enabler: Leveraging technology like Journeys can turn a fun idea into a seamless and interactive experience for everyone involved.


The Whamageddon Challenge serves as a prime example of how creative thinking, coupled with the right technology, can enhance team engagement and add a bit of joy to the workplace. We encourage you to watch our Workflow Wednesday episode to see the challenge in action and gain inspiration for your own team-building activities.

You can access the video directly from this blog, providing you with a visual and detailed guide to replicating or adapting this challenge for your team. Let's embrace the holiday spirit with a dash of creativity and fun!

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