How to Create an Offboarding Journey for Departing Employees

November 22, 2023
Kristjan Kristjansson
13 minute video

The Often-Overlooked Offboarding

Offboarding – the process that comes into play when an employee leaves a company – doesn't get as much attention as it should. Despite its importance, a surprising 71% of companies don't have a formal offboarding process. With the average turnover rate in U.S. businesses at about 17.3%, and some industries seeing rates as high as 47%, this oversight is more than just a minor gap; it's a significant missed opportunity.

Why Offboarding Matters

Offboarding is more than a checklist of final tasks. It’s a key process for company security, brand reputation, and future hiring. A striking 76% of IT leaders see offboarding as a big security risk. Imagine this: 89% of former employees still have access to company apps and data after they leave. This oversight has led to 60% of data breaches being caused by insiders, including past employees.

The Exit Interview – A Critical Element

Exit interviews are a crucial part of offboarding. They are usually handled by HR, with about 70.9% of these interviews conducted by HR departments. However, the participation rate in exit interviews is only between 30-35%. Despite this low number, a huge 93% of employees believe their feedback in these interviews is important.

The Bigger Picture

Good offboarding can do wonders for a company's image. It leaves a positive impression on former employees, making them more likely to share good reviews and possibly even return to the company later. In fact, 15% of employees have returned to a former employer, with younger generations being more open to this idea.

Integrating Offboarding into Your Strategy

As we explore offboarding, it’s clear that this process is not just a final step but a strategic tool. It ensures organizational security, maintains a strong employer brand, and can even influence future talent acquisition. A structured, thoughtful offboarding process can turn this phase into a strategic asset.

Final Thoughts

Offboarding, when done right, can be a game-changer. It's time for organisations to give this process the attention it deserves. A well-managed offboarding process is not just a goodbye; it's a step towards a more secure, respected, and strategically sound future.