How to automate changes in employment rate

December 13, 2023
Kristjan Kristjansson
10 minute video

The Importance of HR Automation:

Adjusting employee roles and work hours involves a lot of steps - like form filling and approvals. Automating these processes is key to making them more efficient and error-free.

Simplifying the Process with 50skills Journeys:

50skills Journeys turns a complex task into a much simpler one. It allows supervisors to kick off the process just by filling out a form, setting off a chain of automated steps for smooth processing.

Step-by-Step Simplified Guide:

  1. Initiating the Change: A supervisor fills out a form to request changes in an employee's working conditions.
  2. Automated Document Creation: Following the form submission, the system automatically generates all necessary documents with the correct details.
  3. Online Document Signing: The platform integrates with online signing tools like GetAccept or DocuSign, facilitating quick and secure digital signatures.
Example of a workflow to automate changes in employment rate setup in 50skills Journeys

Flexible Customization:

50skills Journeys is adaptable to different business needs, allowing for template modifications and workflow adjustments to fit specific requirements.

A Practical Example:

Consider an employee shifting from full-time to part-time. Our system not only prepares the necessary paperwork but also informs all relevant parties, such as supervisors and payroll departments, through automated notifications.


50skills Journeys streamlines the management of employee work changes, saving time, reducing errors, and improving the overall experience for everyone involved. Check out our video for a clear demonstration and share your experiences or suggestions in the comments.