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Streamline Communication with Stakeholders during Transitions

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Simplify stakeholder communication for employee transitions

This template helps HR and managers streamline communication with relevant stakeholders, such as team members and other departments, during internal transfers or role changes. It ensures that everyone is informed and updated about the employee's transition, fostering a smooth and well-coordinated process.

Template Workflow:

1. Action: Input Form
Gather information about the employee's current role, new role, department changes, and transition timeline.

2. Action: Send Email to Team Members
Notify the employee's current and future team members about the upcoming role change, including the transition timeline and any relevant details.
Subject: Role Change Announcement: {{employee_name}}
Message: Hi Team, we would like to inform you that {{employee_name}} will be transitioning from {{current_role}} to {{new_role}} within {{company_name}}. This change will take effect on {{effective_date}}. Please extend your support to {{employee_name}} during this transition period. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact HR or your manager. Thank you!

3. Action: Send Email to Other Departments
Inform other relevant departments, such as IT, finance, and facilities, about the role change to ensure proper adjustments in system access, equipment, and other resources.
Subject: Role Change Notification: {{employee_name}}
Message: Hi {{department_name}} Team, please be informed that {{employee_name}} will be transitioning from {{current_role}} to {{new_role}} on {{effective_date}}. Kindly make the necessary adjustments to system access, equipment, and other resources as required. If you have any questions, please contact HR or the employee's manager. Thank you for your cooperation!

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