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Simplify Exit Interview Scheduling and Feedback Collection

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Simplify exit interview scheduling and feedback collection

This template simplifies the exit interview scheduling process and helps collect valuable feedback from departing employees. By automating interview scheduling and reminders, HR and managers can focus on gaining insights and improving the overall employee experience.

Template Workflow:

1. Action: Input Form
Collect departing employee's contact information (e.g., email, phone number), last working day, and reason for leaving. Also, gather information about their manager and team.

2. Action: Schedule Exit Interview
Send an email to the departing employee and their manager to schedule the exit interview.
Subject: Exit Interview Scheduling for {{employee_name}}
Message: Hi {{employee_name}} and {{manager_name}}, as part of the offboarding process, we would like to schedule an exit interview to discuss {{employee_name}}'s experience at {{Company}} and gather valuable feedback. Please find a suitable time before {{last_working_day}} and confirm the date and time by replying to this email. Thank you!

3. Action: Send Email Reminder
Send a reminder email to the departing employee and their manager 24 hours before the scheduled exit interview.
Subject: Exit Interview Reminder for {{employee_name}}
Message: Hi {{employee_name}} and {{manager_name}}, this is a reminder that the exit interview is scheduled for tomorrow. We look forward to discussing {{employee_name}}'s experience at {{Company}} and gathering feedback to help us improve. If there are any changes to the schedule, please let us know as soon as possible. Thank you!

4. Action: Input Form
Collect feedback from the departing employee during the exit interview, including insights about their experience, suggestions for improvement, and any other relevant comments.

5. Action: Send Email to HR
Send an email to the HR manager with a summary of the exit interview feedback.
Subject: Exit Interview Feedback for {{employee_name}}
Message: Hi HR Manager, the exit interview with {{employee_name}} has been completed. Here is a summary of the feedback gathered during the interview:

_* Experience at {{Company}}: {{employee_experience}}*
_* Suggestions for Improvement: {{suggestions}}*
_* Additional Comments: {{additional_comments}}*

Please review the feedback and consider any necessary actions to improve the employee experience at {{Company}}. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact {{employee_name}} or their manager. Thank you!

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