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Automated birthday messages

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Make birthday messages personalised and automated

The importance of recognizing and appreciating employees on their special days cannot be understated. For HR managers looking for a streamlined and automated solution, we have a treat! Our tutorial on creating a birthday journey with 50skills is here to guide you step by step. Here's how it works:

1. Start with the Basics

Initiate by setting up your journey on the 50skills platform. The primary action you'd want to take for a birthday greeting is sending a text message. Not just any text, but one that conveys warmth and appreciation.

2. Personalizing the Journey

Every employee is unique. So why should their birthday greetings be generic? With 50skills, you can use field mapping to automatically include the traveller's (in this case, the employee's) name in the message, ensuring each greeting is personal and heartfelt.

3. Timing is Everything

Instead of sending the message right away, set it to dispatch at a specific time – the employee's birthday! To ensure this, use the 'Wait Until Date' action and set it to the traveller's date of birth. You can also choose the exact hour of delivery, be it 9:00 in the morning, noon, or 13:00, whichever suits best.

4. Name and Describe Your Journey

To stay organised and for future reference, label your journey – "Birthday Greeting to Employees" seems apt. Also, provide a brief description outlining its purpose.

5. Adding Travellers to the Journey

You can either manually input the details of new travellers, or integrate with an API for seamless data transfer. For bulk imports, use the CSV document upload feature, ensuring all data columns are accurately matched.

6. Embarking the Journey

Once travellers are added, begin their journey. You have the flexibility to start the journey for all simultaneously or for individuals separately. The program will guide each traveller through the actions, culminating in sending them a warm birthday message on their special day.

7. Test and Launch

Before fully committing, you might want to preview the journey on a test user or yourself to ensure everything runs smoothly. After successful testing, add all your employees and let the system handle the rest!

Template workflow: Birthday Greeting to Employees

Objective: Send an automated, personalized birthday greeting to all employees.

How this configured journey could like in 50skills Journeys

1. Action: Send Text Message

  • Message: "Hey {{Traveller first name}}, 🎉 All of us at {{company name}} want to wish you a fantastic birthday! Thank you for your dedication and hard work throughout the year. May this day be filled with joy, and the year ahead bring you continued success and happiness. Happy Birthday! 🎂🎈 Warm wishes,  Team {{company name}}

2. Action: Wait Until Date

  • Set the journey to wait until the traveler's birth date.
  • Configure the specific time you want the message to be sent out, e.g., 1:00 pm.

3. Action: Start Journey

  • Manually add travellers or integrate with an API for automatic data transfer.
  • For bulk entries, use the CSV upload option, ensuring the right data mapping.
  • Test the journey for a single employee to ensure proper function. Once satisfied, start the journey for all.

Description: Whenever an employee has a birthday, they will receive a personalized text greeting from the company.

This template showcases the simplicity and efficiency of automating processes with 50skills. Make every employee's day special without adding extra tasks to your HR team's to-do list!

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