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Automate Skill Assessment and Training for New Positions

Input Forms
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Accelerate the skill development process for new positions

This template assists HR and managers in automating the skill assessment and training process for employees undergoing internal transfers or role changes, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge for their new positions.

Template Workflow:

1. Action: Input Form
Collect information about the employee's new role, including job title, department, and key skills or competencies required for the position.

2. Action: Input Form
Request the employee to self-assess their skills and competencies in relation to the new role's requirements. This information will help identify any skill gaps and training needs.

3. Action: Send Email to HR/Training Department
Notify the HR or training department of the employee's self-assessment results and request them to develop a customized training plan.
Subject: Skill Assessment Results - {{employee_name}}
Message: Hi HR/Training Team, {{employee_name}} has completed a self-assessment for their new role as {{new_role}} within {{new_department}}. Based on their self-assessment, the following skills and competencies have been identified for further development:

Skill/Competency 1
Skill/Competency 2
Skill/Competency 3

Please develop a customized training plan to address these areas and ensure a smooth transition into the new role. Thank you!

4. Action: Send Email to Employee
Send an email to the employee, providing their customized training plan and instructions for completing the training.
Subject: Your Training Plan for {{new_role}} at {{company_name}}
Message: Hi {{employee_name}}, based on your self-assessment, we have developed a customized training plan to help you transition into your new role as {{new_role}}. The training plan includes the following modules:

Training Module 1
Training Module 2
Training Module 3

Please complete the training by {{deadline}}. If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact the HR or training department. Good luck with your training!

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