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Automate Offboarding - Involuntary Departure

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Automate the whole process of offboarding (involuntary departure)

This template automates the offboarding process when an organisation decides to terminate the employment for an employee, ensuring a smooth and efficient offboarding process.

You can view a larger image of the process on this link.

The process starts by the manager filling out a form about the employee resignation.

A form that could look something like this, depending on the information you need:

After this form has been filled out, you probably want to inform HR and automatically generate the resignation letter and inform the manager about best practices when handing the resignation letter.

If the offboardee is not leaving immediately, you might consider adding actions like:

  • If the offboardee needs a replacement, you can automatically request HR to start the recruitment of a replacement.
  • Ask the offboardee to fill out status on current projects and other necessary knowledge to be shared with the successor/manager/team
  • Ask supervisor to organise a farewell gathering - include information about what is an appropriate gathering so it is in line with the company culture
  • Remind the supervisor about the exit interview the day before the exit interview - so the supervisor makes sure to prepare for the interview. Include "best practices" for exit interviews.
  • One week before the last workday, inform the offboardee about the process of returning assets, and also make sure they know they can purchase the assets if that is an option.
  • Send an offboarding survey to the offboardee. You can ask in more details about reason for leaving, whether training was adequate, whether they were satisfied in their job, how they describe the company culture etc.
  • On the last workday, remind payroll, HR, IT and supervisor that this is the last workday of the employee. You can send this via email or for example on Microsoft Teams, Slack or any other communication platform.
  • On the last workday, ask procurement to confirm that company assets have been returned.
  • At the end of last workday, automatically remove access to all systems.

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