Eloomi is a learning platform that helps your company in people's development. Eloomi is simple to use and helps you engage with your employees.

Whether you are hiring a new employee or further developing your current employees, Eloomi is a great platform to do so.
Train skills and motivate your employees to keep their talent up to date by using Eloomi.

You can track compliance and motivate your staff through the Eloomi platform. Save time and money by simply creating content or activate content you already have an employee can then fill themselves in on their own time.

Training new employees become an engaging social experience resulting in better prepared new hires.
Eloomi offers you the possibility to set goals and KPI's driving up your employees' productivity.

When onboarding a new employee in 50skills, automatically send them a log in for Eloomi. Have them start preparing for their new role and make the implementation easy.

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