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How to create tasks in Asana with conditions to continue when they get completed

We got a very interesting request the other day. Specifically the request was if our system Journeys could be used to build a workflow that would: 1) Have employees fill in details about what type of computer equipment they needed 2) Automatically create a ticket in Asana 3) Have the person add a tracking code to the computer on the Asana ticket when purchased was finished and closed the ticket 4) When closed, automatically send a message to the person that requested the computer equipment with the tracking code, so they would know when the shipment was expected Results... It can! ✨ We've integrated Asana to not only create tickets but also set up an action loop in Journeys. This loop checks every 10 minutes to see if an Asana ticket is closed. If it is, it triggers an email to the employee with the computer's tracking ID from Asana. #HRAutomation #EmployeeOnboarding #TaskManagementIntegration #AsanaWorkflow #marketplace #AutomatedTicketingSystem #RealTimeTracking #WorkflowOptimization #EmployeeEquipmentRequest #EfficientProcessManagement #CrossPlatformCompatibility

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Mastering the Whamageddon Challenge: A Journey to Avoid "Last Christmas" | Workflow Wednesday
Are you ready for the "Last Christmas Challenge"? 🎶🎅 We just launched a fun game using Journeys that will get you into the holiday spirit! 🎄 How does it work? 🤔 1️⃣ Sign up using the following link: 2️⃣ Avoid listening for the classic holiday tune "Last Christmas" by Wham! 🎶 3️⃣ If you hear the song, you're out of the game! 😢 4️⃣ Fill out a form letting us know when and where you heard it. 📝 How did we build it? Want to create something similar? Check out the video below to see how you can use Journeys to not only build practical stuff -- but also to make things playful and engaging resulting in a much more fun experience. Hope you enjoyed this week's Workflow Wednesday, and would love suggestions/comments/thoughts on what topic we should take on next Wednesday! Happy holidays and good luck! 🎅 #LastChristmasChallenge #Journeys #workflowwednesday
How to automate changes in employment rate
In this Workflow Wednesday video we showcase how Journeys could be used to automate changes in employee ratio (e.g. someone moving from 100% position to 50%), for whatever reason. There are obviously many ways to do this -- but in this Workflow Wednesday session, we're able to pull it off with 4 simple actions 1. Input form (current ratio vs new ratio) 2. Create a document from the info inputs 3. Send the created document to e-signing (with whatever e-signing tool you want, but in this demo we used GetAccept) 4. Notify Payroll Obviously dozens of different ways to implement this. Let us know if interested in a template copy to iterate for your own needs.