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How to Create an Offboarding Journey for Departing Employees

In this episode of Workflow Wednesday, we look into the critical yet often overlooked process of employee offboarding. Understanding that employees leave for various reasons, we highlight the importance of a structured offboarding journey for organisational security and branding. We'll uncover eye-opening statistics: - Average turnover in US is 17.3%. That means that if you have 100 people working in your organisation, you can expect more than person to leave on average, every single month. Other facts: - 71% of organizations do not have a formal offboarding process in place. - A staggering 76% of IT leaders acknowledge offboarding as a significant security threat - 89% of former employees still having access to sensitive company data after their departure. - 60% of data breaches being attributed to insider threats, including those posed by former employees. - Furthermore, effective offboarding can have lasting impacts on employer branding and future recruitment. - 15% of employees return to their former employers, a trend particularly strong among younger generations. - The offboarding experience can influence these decisions and shape the narrative shared by departing employees. This tutorial showcases three different offboarding journeys: a standard offboarding process, a voluntary departure, and an involuntary departure. We guide you through each step, from initiating forms for managers to sending final notifications to HR. Learn how to manage tasks such as replacement hiring, organizing farewell gatherings, and conducting exit interviews effectively. Join us as we demonstrate how a well-executed offboarding process can protect your company’s sensitive data, improve employer branding, and potentially rehire former employees. Don't forget to engage with us in the comments and share your experiences!

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