Unveiling Journeys: A Live Experience with 50skills at the CIPD Festival of Work

June 12, 2023
3 minute read

Last week, we presented a new feature at the CIPD Festival of Work in London - 'Journeys' by 50skills. This tool streamlines tasks and allows for customizable paths for team members.

Journeys was unveiled at our booth. Attendees saw firsthand how the feature can integrate into a work environment. The live session allowed for immediate interaction and provided an understanding of Journeys in action.

Attendees, which included HR professionals and industry leaders, had a chance to test Journeys. They explored its capacity to adapt to different work practices. The live interaction allowed for real-time feedback and discussion on potential uses.

The two-day festival provided the stage for the presentation of 'Journeys.' With the feedback received, we are eager to see how Journeys will fit into various work environments.

The introduction of Journeys at the CIPD Festival of Work marks a start. Based on the feedback, we will continue to refine 'Journeys.' We remain committed to innovating 'Journeys' to meet user needs and to influence the way work is conducted.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the live testing of Journeys and to the CIPD Festival of Work for hosting the event.

We continue to work on Journeys and look forward to presenting new developments. If you missed us at the festival and want to learn more, reach out or sign up.