The Future of Work: Change is coming sooner than you think

October 17, 2020
Kristjan Kristjansson

The way we find jobs and get hired will be different in the coming years than it has been since the start of the internet. This is happening due to the growth of technology in various sectors, leading to a new infrastructure that the future of work and hires will be built on.

How we verify credentials has changed
, the way we register what we have learned and are skilled at is changing. Universities, online courses, and various platforms have started to enable people to get rated based on what they have learned and what experience has taught them.

This information will be much harder to fake for employees than CV’s have been historically. As an example, an Uber driver who has made 17k successful rides with a 4.9 rating will be able to submit validated credentials when applying for a driver job.

Because of this, Employers will encourage job prospects to connect their credentials when applying for jobs. By doing so, they can leap-frog steps in the old recruiting process. This will slowly increase, until it becomes the norm, and disrupt the way people apply for jobs and get hired.

How we communicate has changed

Secondly, the way people communicate has changed. Messaging apps are growing exponentially and have now outgrown social networks in usage. This has opened up the need for businesses to communicate with their customers through messaging. The need for 24/7 services, with everything in real-time, has become the norm for what people want.

But serving everyone in real-time is expensive for businesses. This is why chatbots are now being implemented to streamline sales and customer support processes to understand peoples intent and route them in the right direction.

But creating chatbots that can outperform and replace humans on all tasks is impossible. People’s intent can be much more detailed than a single dialog. As an example, you won’t meet a chatbot at a business event or refer them to a college.

This is why a hybrid solution, of chatbots that route dialogs to people at the right triggers, are becoming the norm for the way businesses and people communicate. For hiring people, that means bringing a Conversational Recruiting approach towards how we find and hire people.

How people find jobs and get hired is changing

On top of the new infrastructure that is now in place, change is coming to the way people find jobs and get hired. In some cases, people will be able to apply for a job, at any time, without talking to a human, and get hired with all contracts signed, starting work the next day. In other scenarios, the path to meeting a person for the first time will be automated and quicker than before.

The Uber generation doesn’t want to go back ordering taxi’s the old way. People will feel the same way about the automation of hiring.

This blog post is an outline on a recent presentation by 50skills’s CEO on the Future of Work.