Introducing: A new look for modern HR

February 11, 2020
Kristjan Kristjansson

In todays world it’s not enough for a product to solve a problem. Solutions should be easy to use and understand. Both for users who are testing them out for the first time, as well as advanced users who want to achieve higher goals.

As our product grew, we realized that the old way of navigating was not optimal. Users needed 2–3 clicks to complete certain actions, when 1 click should be enough.

Figuring out how to improve and build new features in the old navigation structure was challenging.

Our UX needed improvement. So we prioritized.

Now live: Full list of new features, improvements and UI/UX Revamp!

Improved Navigation
Our navigation system now has three tiers. The left hand menu bar, ensures a a single click access to key actions.

Within each tab, 2–3 sub-layers with breadcrumbs makes it easy to navigate within the system.

This makes it easier for users with longer and more complex workflows to navigate through the product. (Also a big help for users with high resolution screens!).

Move and copy applicants
Feel like an applicant fits better in a different open role? Now you can easily move or copy applicants between different jobs.

Applicant part of multiple jobs
Ever wondered if an applicant is already in the hiring process for other roles? Seeing this is part of your workflow in 50skills.

Onboarding tasklists — linked to overview
Lets say you have ~10 non-technical tasks to finish when onboarding a new employee. With 50skills, those can now be tracked as part of your onboarding process — giving you a great overview of things that need to be cleared.

Private notes
Sometimes notes should be private — and perhaps only private with you and other administrators. Simply click the private notes tab and share your thoughts.

Super fast Applicant Search — and on every document!
Sometimes you need applicants to send attached documents with their application. Sometimes you wish you could search those documents in context with other applicant items. Now you can. You can search for a simple keyword, through one or all jobs you have access to, and applicants that have documents that contain that keyword will appear. (and search is super fast, try it!)

Onboarding tasks — finish later options
Let’s face it, sometimes onboarding can take a while. That’s why we added an option of saving certain onboarding tasks in case you need to finish them later. Simple add-on, but highly requested!

Messages improvement
Still reading? In that case we have a treat for you. Messages just got a big improvement. You can now easily see all messages sent to applicants, both those that are automated when they apply, when rejected or the ones you and your hiring team send during the recruiting process. We made certain adjustments, greatly reducing the risk of emails going to the applicant spam folder.

What’s coming up next?

We are just getting started, but with the help of hundreds of HR managers we feel like we are on to something.

If you’re interested in talking to us about our finding, qualifying or onboarding applicants, you can book a meeting with us here or send suggestions to info@50skills.com