Introducing 50skills Onboarding Management— the overview you need in one place.

September 19, 2019
Kristjan Kristjansson

This especially applies in today’s world, where there is no longer such thing as a “single system of record.”

New startups are launching every day, with functionality that helps a particular type of employee solve a specific kind of problem. And everyone loves these new tools.

But this makes onboarding employees harder.

When employers hire, they have a list of things they need to complete. This list can be daunting. It ranges from tasks such as adding users into a payment system, time registration system, creating an employment contract, and adding new hires into all the tools used at the workplace.

Not to mention notifying the hiring team and triggering all the processes around the new employee experience.

So at 50skills, we decided to solve this.

Today we’re introducing 50skills Onboarding Management —the overview you need in one place.

The onboarding overview you need in place

Imagine if you could see in one place, an overview of all the people that you have hired. Along with it, a list of all the systems and tasks that need to be executed when you hire a new employee.

The overview will show you exactly where all of your hires are in their onboarding process. You will know if that contract got sent and if it got signed. You will see if they are now part of your payment system and time registration.

It even integrates and shows you that status of that system built-in 1999 that everyone “loves,” but for some reason is never replaced.

With 50skills, this is what you get. A full overview of your entire onboarding, customized specifically for your business needs in mind.

Your cost per hire and time per hire will go down. Real results that will help you drive your business forward.

Just the beginning

Today we are rolling out Onboarding Management to all of our customers, but we are just getting started.

Are you ready for what’s next?

If you’re interested in talking to us about Onboarding Management, you can book a meeting with someone on the 50skills team here.