Key Takeways from our Employee Onboarding event

February 10, 2023
5 minute read

We’re excited to share our key takeaways from our breakfast meeting at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica on February 7th 2023 where employee onboarding was the discussion topic. In the event, over 200 HR professionals came together to share insights on the latest and greatest in employee onboarding and see what's next in the world class onboarding processes and software for the modern HR manager.

During the meeting, Alexandre Silva Passalacqua and Hafþór Þórarinsson from Icelandair shared how an airline with a workforce of 3500 employees, was able to save valuable time while hiring 500 individuals last year for highly regulated jobs.

Additionally, Guðrún Inga Guðlaugsdóttir from Securitas spoke about how Securitas reduced their onboarding time from 60 minutes per hire to just 10 minutes.

Full recording of the meeting can be viewed here:

Key takeaways from the talks included:

Time constraints at Icelandair

Icelandair faced the challenge of time constraints when inviting potential new hires for training.

The IT department had to create employee groups in all relevant systems, grant access, and send credentials, which took at least 2 hours and often had to be done the same day.

To resolve this issue, Icelandair automated the process in collaboration with 50skills and now, new hires can be created, granted access, and receive credentials with the click of a button through 50skills ADmanager integration.

Bulk hires at Icelandair

Icelandair also discussed the time-consuming process of creating similar users in their HR system.

They hire around 300 employees every summer, and each employee had to be created in the payroll system with variables such as which department, which job title, type of hire, and more.

50skills is in cooperation with Icelandair developing a feature to bulk edit new-hires so they can be created in the HR systems without any repetitive data entry.

Reducing onboarding time at Securitas

Securitas identified their main pain points in the manual work on paperwork, data collection, user creation and internal notifications. They were spending one hour onboarding each employee - which adds up to a lot of time when hiring 240 employees/year like they did in 2022.

They shared how they implemented onboarding forms, e-signing, automatic user creation in systems and automatic notifications to stakeholders using 50skills.

The time to onboard an employee has now dropped from 60 minutes to 10 minutes per hire.

Measuring onboarding success at Securitas

Securitas also shared how they measure the success of their onboarding process. 

They send a survey to the new employee after the onboarding process, and the current average rating of their experience of the electronic onboarding process is 4.83 out of 5.00.

Managers are also surveyed after each hire, with a rating of 10 out of 10.

Our CEO, Kristjan Kristjansson, also gave a talk on the changing work culture and how those changes make onboarding more important than ever before.

Here are a few takeaways from Kristjan's talk:

Common issues in onboarding

Issues that 50skills has identified in numerous onboarding workshops with clients:

  • Poor overview of onboarding status
  • Repetitive copy-pasting between systems
  • Human errors
  • Time-consuming paperwork
  • Uncompleted tasks
  • Managers often need extensive system training and assistance from HR when hiring
Why change your onboarding now?

Mobility is at an all time high: People used to stay at the same workplace for 10 years but now they stay for 1-3 years.

Modern employers have switched from using one system to rule them all, into using multiple best of breed solutions where the average number of SaaS applications in HR is around 50 applications

Therefore - onboarding has never been as important.

There are two ways to grow: Hiring more people or making each person more productive. 

How can 50skills help?

Kristjan revealed the new 50skills HR workflow platform that will be launched in 2023, transforming onboarding, cross-boarding and offboarding. Providing HR teams the flexibility and autonomy to create the most productive onboarding process and the best onboarding experience for all stakeholders.

You can sign up for early access to our new product here:


Thank you!

We want to thank Alexandre, Hafþór and Guðrún for sharing their insights, our partner Advania for co-organising and those who attended the event for coming. For those who couldn't make it, we hope you will find these takeaways and the recording of the meeting insightful.