How to customize social media images and text

April 22, 2020

We make sure every 50skills customer has a default social media image that fits their brand when posting jobs. For all or certain jobs, you may however want to change how your job appears and what text comes with it when it is being shared.

In the example below you can see how an image appears on Facebook when shared by a hiring manager.

How to add your own image

When you create a job in 50skills you can add your own image as part of the job-building process. You can either do this when creating the job or edit the job after it has been posted.

Follow these 4 steps:
1) Navigate to the job image you want to change
2) Click “New Image”
3) Choose a new image you want (we recommend sizes 1200×628)
4) Edit the Title and Description

Recommended image dimensions

Each social network displays images in a different way. We recommend picking dimensions that work best for the network you think you will be most engaged on – or customizing an image size that is unique to each network.

Facebook for example recommends sizes 1200×630, Twitter 520×254 and Linkedin 520×320. You can see more details in this article for 2020 sizing suggestions.

Clearing image caching

When content is shared for the first time on mediums such as Facebook, the website “caches” the content. This means that if you change the picture you are using for Facebook, after you have posted it, you will need to let Facebook know about the change manually, or it won’t update.

There are a number of ways of doing this – the easiest being to go to the Facebook Debugger URL – copy/paste your job post, and click “debug”. Next time you share the same post on Facebook it will be updated.

Twitter, Linkedin and other social media sites have similar ways of caching their content. For Linkedin you can go to the Linkedin Inspector for Twitter they have the Card Validator.

Get your marketing team involved

Thinking about employer branding not only helps you attract better candidates but can also be used to strengthen your overall brand. We highly recommend involving your marketing team, and test which ads work best for you in both quantity and quality of applicants.

Get Data Driven with job postings

Every employer is different. What you can do right away is to measure what works best for you as an employer, and where your job ads are attracting the highest quality candidates and number of applications.

View our Cost per hire calculator to estimate what makes most sense for you.