From manual to magical: Transforming HR with AI automation

July 9, 2024
4 minute read

Are you tired of juggling multiple HR tasks and feeling like your brain is in 15 different places at once? Imagine a world where HR processes manage themselves, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—your people. Our CEO & Co-Founder Kristjan Kristjansson recently chatted with AI HR expert, Jeff Wellstead, to share game-changing insights on how AI automation can transform your HR operations from manual to magical. Here’s a sneak peek into their discussion and why you won’t want to miss the full webinar.

Dreaming of effortless HR processes

What if there was a way for HR processes to manage themselves—where creating and editing workflows doesn’t require technical expertise, and you have a clear overview of how every employee navigates through these processes? This dream is now a reality with Journeys by 50skills.

Benefits of Journeys by 50skills

Comprehensive employee portal

Journeys allows you to create a portal encompassing all the services an employee might need. Whether it’s requesting equipment or applying for parental leave, the process is seamless. Employees can make requests and fill out necessary forms effortlessly.

Automated follow-up actions

Once a request is made, a series of follow-up actions occur automatically. This could involve notifying a line manager for approval or enabling AI to review the information. It’s workflow and integration first, making it easy for HR professionals to connect tools like Slack, HR systems, and ATS solutions to create digital experiences.

User-friendly interface

The user interface is designed with simplicity in mind. Pre-built actions allow users to select the steps of their workflow, and drag-and-drop functionality makes organising these steps a breeze. AI acts as a trained companion, helping you write personalised journey templates to guide you through creating new workflows for your business.

AI-powered automation

AI integration allows for the seamless validation and processing of tasks such as P45 forms, performance assessments, and more. By leveraging AI, HR professionals can automate complex workflows, ensuring accuracy and efficiency without the need for constant manual oversight. This not only frees up valuable time but also enhances the overall employee experience by providing timely and precise responses.

No technical knowledge required

Linking different systems has never been easier. Even if you have a major workflow built in SAP, Journeys can amplify these existing processes without needing constant IT support. This frees HR professionals to focus on strategic initiatives rather than technical troubleshooting.

Transparent audit trails

Journeys provides an audit trail of how each employee has navigated through the process, ensuring transparency around how AI has been used. This fosters trust and accountability within your organisation.

Strategic focus

By automating repetitive tasks, Journeys enables HR professionals to be more strategic. No more responding to constant employee requests or dealing with micro-issues. Instead, you can focus on high-value activities that drive organisational success.

Continuous improvement

Journeys allows for iterations and continuous process improvements. You can test your workflows, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Overcoming common HR challenges

One of the common issues HR professionals face is making the onboarding process engaging beyond the basic administrative and compliance steps. Journeys allows you to include videos, welcome messages, and other engaging content to make the onboarding experience more enjoyable for new hires.

Another frustration is the integration of HR tech solutions. As Jeff Wellstead pointed out, many companies promise seamless integration, but it often feels clunky. “What I love about 50skills is that you guys have always had the user journey in mind,” Jeff said. “You can connect with all that stuff seamlessly.”

“I kind of feel like wow, this is a big piece of tech that I hadn’t even considered but always desperately wanted,” he shared. “This is magic to an HR person.”

Why watch the full webinar?

Jeff and Kristjan shared some fantastic insights in this webinar, invaluable for any HR professional looking to enhance their processes through AI automation. From creating engaging onboarding experiences to simplifying complex workflows, Journeys by 50skills offers a comprehensive solution.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your HR processes from manual to magical. Watch the full webinar to learn how you can leverage AI automation to streamline your operations and focus on what truly matters—your people.

About Jeff Wellstead

Jeff is a seasoned expert in AI applications within the HR context, boasting 25 years of experience in people strategy design and consulting for high-growth technology businesses. Based in the UK, Jeff has worked with over 16 organisations that expanded globally, with half being acquired by industry giants like Symantec, Oracle, and Microsoft. He specialises in guiding HR functions through the AI-driven paradigm shift, empowering HR technology innovators to create disruptive AI-powered solutions, and simplifying talent management with AI-driven tools. Jeff's deep knowledge spans all elements of human resource management and operational scaling for rapid-growth companies, making him a valuable asset in navigating the evolving HR landscape.

About Kristjan Kristjansson

Kristjan is the CEO and co-founder of 50skills. An experienced entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor Kristjan excels in managing multi-disciplinary projects and navigating complex challenges. His professional value is rooted in generating big ideas, emphasising execution, and asking the right questions. Kristjan's impressive track record includes leading startups, board positions, university teaching, intrapreneurship consulting, seed stage investments, and successfully managing numerous events. From building his first website at age 12 to co-founding accelerator programs, Kristjan's journey is marked by innovation and impactful contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.