Domino's partners with 50skills to automate how they find, qualify, and onboard new hires

January 15, 2021
4 minute read

About Domino’s

Domino's Pizza operates as a pizza delivery company in the United States and internationally. The company sells and delivers pizzas under the Domino's Pizza brand name. It operates through a network of 9,351 company-owned and franchise stores located in 50 states and in approximately 65 international markets.

One of the globally top-performing Domino's Pizza locations is in Iceland. The franchise operates 23 stores across the country and has ranked #1 in the ready-made foot category for more than a decade. The performance in the biggest stores in Iceland in 2019 clocked higher weekly sales than any other Domino’s on the planet.

Several factors contribute to Domino's success; customer service, quality control, and being data-driven when it comes to decision making.


Having the right people is the #1 priority at Domino's. The workforce composition is a mix of workers who stop for a short time, often as part-time employees, and others, that manage to stay longer and work their way up the ranks. Every location has roles for bakers, delivery and management.  On top of that there is a centralized Commissary that handles dough making, food-preperation and delivery, a Call center and the Head office.


Hiring was too much manual work and time consuming. Finding the perfect balance between automation and human intervention and empowering store managers to be part of the process was key to success.


Domino's knew it was time for them to switch to a proper hiring system. On 50skills, the HR-team and +25 store and division managers could improve their time to hire, quality per hire and automate their onboarding process.

Results after implementing 50skills

  • Applicants can now apply in seconds on any device for any job
  • Selected job-posts can be reposted to job-boards and performance from those job-boards tracked.
  • Responses to applicants are automated and easily configured and controlled with messaging templates.
  • Managers in +25 locations can now screen applicants quickly and send job-offers to prospects in seconds
  • New hires get an automated invite to new employee training meetings - which is documented and sent to HQ for preparations
  • Post-training meetings - new hires get an employee contract that they can sign on their mobile in seconds.
  • Once signed, they get added to existing internal systems, including Payroll, Time Registration, Communication tools, LMS system and more.
  • Time per hire has gone down. Top applicants can get a job and invited to new-training kickoffs in minutes.
  • Cost-per-hire has gone down.
  • Data-Reports, show clear signs of where applicants are coming from; enabling Domino's to fine-tune employer branding and job-ads towards age, gender and ethnic groups who are not equally represented within the organisation.