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MyTimePlan is a workforce management system. Manage shifts and payroll in one place. If you are a MyTimePlan customer, you can integrate MyTimePlan and 50skills. MyTimePlan is self-service in 50skills, you can do the setup by yourself.

What you can do
Create a new user in Mytimeplan

Create a new user in Mytimeplan


MyTimePlan Subscription

Keeping track of your employee's workforce is essential. Using MyTimePlan makes it easy to track, monitor, and manage your company's workforce. Shifts can efficiently be planned with MyTimePlan's help. Ensure the workload is balanced evenly between employees and based on employee's wishes resulting in happier staff members.

MyTimePlan works for companies of all shapes and sizes. Use it to increase productivity, whether you use it for simple time-registration or as an advanced shift planning system.

When onboarding a new candidate in 50skills, you can have them kickstarted into all internal softwares with a few easy steps.

How to connect 50skills and mytimeplan

How to connect 50skills and mytimeplan

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