Everything you need to post job ads, incentivise your employees, collaborate and make a data-driven hire
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Post Job

Because your job-post building experience should be simple & fun.

50skills comes with simple to use job-post builder. Whether you need detailed fill-outs from job-candidates, uploads of documents or a simple mobile “get-it done quickly” ad, you’ll find it in 50skills. All posts appear on your career website in real-time and can be easily managed without the need of training.

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Source Candidates through Social Media

When friends tell you they might know of an opportunity – you listen.

The best candidates don’t always apply. Whenever you have a job and know of someone you specifically think would be right for that job – add them to the pool of prospects. In fact 50skills is designed to turn all of your employees into front-line recruiters by rewarding them for sourcing candidates that get hired and stay at the company. Designed to leverage communications through all the most popular social media providers.

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Manage Candidates

No more printing out candidates. Robust data-reports that tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

Take notes, enter feedback and always see the candidates resume and job description on screen. Option to collaborate with multiple co-workers and ask employees about referrals from candidates they know.

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Better hires in less time

With the ultimate candidate experience and optimised recruiting process you will be spending time where it matters, on the right candidates. Review and respond to new candidates as they come in, participate in team-conversations with notifications, add ratings to your candidates and enjoy the modern 21st recruiting interface of 50skills.

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