Kristjan Kristjansson
July 22, 2018

How to Integrate your ATS with ZipRecruiter

For many companies, job-boards are a key ingredient in finding candidates to hire. It’s a low-cost option and often part of the standard hiring process when adding new positions.

ZipRecruiter can be a great option for companies, who want to be able to post their jobs to multiple job-boards at once and get great exposure for a low price.

One of the big problems with job-boards is that hiring teams often get flooded with candidates, with little or no relevance to the job at hand. Because of this, hiring teams are increasingly integrating their applicant tracking systems or recruiting software with the different types of job-boards they use.

Integrating your ATS with ZipRecruiter after you have posted a job

If you have already posted a job on ZipRecruiter and are now looking to connect your ATS we have just the guide for you.

  1. Start by clicking the “Jobs” tab on the left to see a list of all the open jobs you have in ZipRecruiter

2. Select the “Edit job” option on a post that is already live

3. Scroll to the bottom under “*Send New Candidates To:” and select “A Custom Apply URL”. Once you do this, the option will be given to enter a URL that points directly to your job application page. This should be the direct URL of the job you are posting.

4. And you are done! Your job which should now be accessible over multiple job-boards that ZipRecruiter integrates with, redirects candidates to your ATS — where you can easily manage them alongside candidates you are getting from other sources, such as social media, employee referrals or recruiters working with you.

Common issues

Q: What if I don’t see the “A Custom Apply URL?”.

In some reports, first time ZipRecruiter users won’t be able to add “A Custom Apply URL” unless they are on a paid plan with ZipRecruiter, which typically takes place, 4 days after a free trial.

We have client reports from 50skills that have contacted ZipRecruiter directly (1–877–252–1062) — and asked them to add this option, which they were happy to do, even for clients on the free option.

Q: What if I want to migrate existing applicants from ZipRecruiter to my ATS?
Different vendors have different options here. With 50skills, every client gets their own customer success manager, that can ensure a secure migration from existing job-board job posts.

Automatically integrating your ATS with ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter does have a few marketplace vendors, that directly integrate with their services. This enables hiring teams to even further streamline their posting if they want to get even more serious about using ZipRecruiter as their main posting provider.

This means that users can build their job-posts directly from within their hiring system, and then repost those posts to ZipRecruiter’s automatically, without needing to log-in to ZipRecruiter.

“ZipRecruiter has expanded our talent search tremendously! We love the reach to potential employees on a majority of the job search sites out there. ZipRecruiter has helped save time and money when finding the right talent needed to fill our positions.” -Amanda Chis, Talent Acquisition Manager, Staffinders, Inc.

How to integrate 50skills with ZipRecruiter

50skills offers an integration with ZipRecruiter as mentioned in the text above. Prospects can see the job-postings on ZipRecruiter and multiple connected job-boards.

When people apply they will be redirected to the 50skills job page, where they will need to fill out information in the same structured manner as all applicants, no matter where they found the job posting.

How 50skills helps you track your data from multiple job-boards

Although most companies today, do use job-boards to find candidates, they often lack a process, that enables them to tell where candidates are coming from, and what works best for them.

This is one of the big benefits when using 50skills. Companies can build a job-post and post it to multiple locations. Every job has a simple statistic site, that can then tell them where candidates are coming from, how many are coming from different vendors, and ultimately, where the candidates who are getting hired are coming from.

Job-boards can be a great resource, but a single posting can cost north of $400 per posting. So having the data to see what is really working, and the ability to benchmark where the quality candidates are coming from can be a great asset.


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